Replacement Sports Cap

The Xtrallux Sports Cap is Xtrallux branded with an embroidered logo and custom designed to fit our laser domes with a rear opening which allows for the power input cable. The sports cap encases the laser dome and allows for comfortable wear of our medical devices under a discreet hat.


Sports Caps vary in size based on device model.

Style: Xtrallux Alpha
Genuine Xtrallux Parts

Only by using genuine Xtrallux parts are you ensuring that your device continues to work as intended, and that your warranty remains intact. In addition, each part is guaranteed for 12 months.


Custom Sports Cap is designed to fit the Xtrallux laser dome. It stretches easily to remove and replace when washing is necessary.

The sports cap features an rear opening to allow access for the power input cable from the Power Pack.

MATERIALS: 100% Polyester Twill

Care Instructions

Washing of sports cap may be required periodically.

Washing Instructions: To wash sports cap, first remove Sports Cap from Xtrallux laser cap by disconnecting laser dome from Power Pack and pulling power cable through the opening in the sports cap. Machine wash using warm or cold water as needed. Tumble dry low.

When finished cleaning, pull power cable through opening in sports cap and fit cap onto dome by stretching the edge around the dome.

Style: Xtrallux Alpha