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Xtrallux the most powerful laser cap on the market

"This is by far and away the most powerful laser on the market today. The Xtrallux has been our device of choice because of the additional diodes."

Dr. Mark Bishara
Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Laser vs LEDs

Why do hair restoration professionals agree that lasers are more effective than LEDs for hair regrowth?

Concentrated Light Energy

Coherent Light: Lasers produce coherent light, meaning the light waves are perfectly synchronized and travel in the same direction. This coherence allows laser light to penetrate the scalp with precision, reaching the hair follicles more effectively than the diffuse light of LEDs.

Focused Energy: Laser diodes focus their energy into a specific area, ensuring that the maximum amount of light energy is directed towards stimulating hair follicles. This direct, concentrated approach is more efficient in promoting hair growth compared to the broader, less focused light of LEDs.

Depth of Penetration

Deeper Scalp Reach: The laser light in devices like the Xtrallux Hair Regrowth Cap can penetrate deeper into the scalp. This depth is crucial for reaching the base of hair follicles, which is essential for stimulating hair growth.

Optimal Wavelengths: Lasers in hair regrowth caps are typically calibrated to specific wavelengths proven to be most effective in hair regrowth. This precision is not always achievable with LED lights.

Laser Therapy Efficacy

How Laser Therapy Helps Hair Regrowth

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) utilizes specific wavelengths of light to stimulate hair follicles. This light energy enhances cellular activity in the scalp, promoting hair growth. Xtrallux targets weakened follicles, increasing blood circulation and nutrient flow, which strengthens hair, reduces hair loss, and encourages new growth. In just 6 minutes a day, Xtrallux harnesses FDA-cleared, clinically-proven technology to nurture the growth of new, healthier hair.

Hair Follicles Treated with Laser Therapy

Compare Xtrallux to Other Laser Devices

Xtra Lasers. Xtra Features. Xtra Value.

Regrow your hair with the most powerful laser caps in the market.

For Hereditary Hair Loss

Effective Treatment

If hair loss runs in your family, don't wait until it's too late. Treatment can help.

Unfortunately, pattern hair loss in men and women is irreversible without surgery. Fortunately, early intervention can help prevent progression of thinning and restore vellus hairs to thicker, more visible hair.

While results vary, laser therapy has been shown to increase hair density by as much as 35-51% in published clinical studies.

Wear 6 Minutes DAily

Xtra Easy and Convenient

Any medically-indicated treatment is only effective if there is user compliance. Xtrallux laser therapy is convenient, requiring wearing our hat for only 6 minutes daily. And since our technology is wearable and battery-powered, you don't have to stop what you're doing to use it.

More Lasers and Density

Xtra Hair Density

Why settle for less? Xtrallux laser caps are the most powerful wearable laser device on the market for hair growth with more lasers in each price category. Get more lasers reaching where they need to stimulate more follicle growth on your scalp. Xtrallux provides xtra density for your hair at an excellent value.

Our hair growth caps target the follicle by using only laser light - no LEDs which lose light energy from the source to the target.

Drug Free Solution

Xtra Safe

Xtrallux laser caps use light energy to regrow hair; similar to how plants use energy from the sun to grow. Both processes produce biological effects in nature. Lasers were invented in the 1960s and have since been used in medical applications in many disciplines of medicine - from wound healing to skin conditions.

Unlike finasteride pills, laser therapy doesn't have impotence and infertility as reported side-effects. Xtrallux devices are safe & effective for treatment for mild to moderate cases of androgenetic alopecia. See full indications for use and contraindications on product details.

Comparing Xtrallux with Other Hair Regrowth Red Light Devices

Explore the edge Xtrallux holds over other hair regrowth lasers.

  • All Laser Technology
  • Excellent Cost Per Laser
  • Most lasers
  • Accessories Included
  • Assembled in USA
  • Private and Secure
  • Free Shipping
  • Always in Stock
Other Brands
  • Laser + LEDs
  • Expensive
  • Low Laser Count
  • Accessories Cost Extra
  • Made in China
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Shipping Cost Extra
  • Extended Shipping Times

Xtrallux is Backed by Hair Loss Experts

Physicians recommend Xtrallux for its clinically proven effectiveness and advanced technology in promoting hair regrowth and scalp health.

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Xtrallux Quality and Service

The Xtrallux team prioritizes top-quality products and outstanding service, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Is Laser Therapy Right for Your Hair Loss?

Xtrallux Hair Regrowth caps are recommended for adults (men or women) who are experiencing mild to moderate hair loss due to androgenic alopecia with Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to IV as per indications for use. If your hair loss is advanced or due to scarring alopecias, this device is not right for you. Please consult with your healthcare provider for other types of hair loss (ie. medically-induced, areata, universalis, or totalis alopecias, effluvium, etc) and skin types.

Will laser therapy work for me if I'm bald?

Xtrallux is indicated for mild to moderate hair loss cases. If you're hair loss is advanced, you are not a candidate for laser therapy. Please read the indications for use on the product pages for detail.

Is laser therapy dangerous for dark skin tones?

Laser therapy at 650 nm and <5mW has never had any reported adverse effects for ANY skin tone, including the darkest of skin tones but due to limitations in testing protocols has only been clinically tested for treatment of AGA on skin types 1-4. Xtrallux devices are not cleared for dark skin tones due to the substantial equivalence process of FDA clearances.

Does laser therapy really work to treat hair loss?

Yes. The United States Food & Drug Administration has cleared Xtrallux hair regrowth devices as effective for treating androgenetic alopecia (see full indication for use). The clearance is based on substantiation by earlier submissions to the FDA providing clinical data to verify that this type of medical device emitting red laser energy results in an increase in terminal hair counts over the course of time with continued use. Terminal hair is defined as long, coarse, well-pigmented hair which differs from vellus hair. 

Xtrallux manufactures devices use this technology which has been proven to increase counts of terminal hair in clinical trials accepted as substantiation by the FDA for prior clearances for this device classification.

Keep in mind that results will vary from person to person. Each case is different.